The Students’ Voice | A Look at Our Catering Committee

06 May 2021


A sense of responsibility and a will to make meaningful change are both traits we value highly in Caldicott boys. One way this is encouraged is through our various student-led committees; these include the charity committee, the school council, and the catering committee, to name but a few.

The catering committee had a meeting this week, their first of the Summer Term. First an open table discussion was had about what food is popular at the moment (the committee members represent a range of dining tables, so that all the views of all the boys are represented), and one boy passionately advocated for more yoghurt - this was noted, although it was met with mixed reactions.

Going around the table, suggestions are raised; each suggestion is noted by the teacher chairing the meeting (Mr Holyland at present) and discussed by the room. Suggestions vary from the food on offer and the logistics of serving said food, to the methods in which the school could become more sustainable. A couple of ideas about sustainability were tabled at this particular meeting including the proposal for a competition in which every table would have their food waste weighed at the end of a sitting, with rewards going to the table that wastes the least food. Creative solutions to modern problems such as these, are just one reason that the catering committee has been such a success since its introduction.

In a corridor outside the dining hall, there is a board that shows which suggestions from the meetings can be implemented, and which cannot be implemented (with clear explanations why they are unfeasible at present).

The student-led catering committee has been a massive success, with the consistent suggestions and improvements made every term resulting in a great dining experience for the boys. The fact that the boys have a voice and are truly listened to, with impactful and lasting change coming as a result of their suggestions, is important for us. It also helps the boys to get involved in the running of school life and teaches them that it is important to always be looking for a way to make things better.


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