Pen Pal Scheme Continues to Connect

29 April 2021


Towards the end of the Spring Term, we got the call from Southmead Surgery asking if we would restart our successful pen pal scheme for their residents. Ma’am Corrigan was happy to put the scheme back into action and was overwhelmed by the enthusiast response from the boys; after only a couple of weeks, we were looking for more pen pals to send our letters to!

Some of our boys have really taken to their new pals and are still sending letters back and forth now, many months later. 2nd Former (Year 4), Thomas I, falls into this category as a boy who writes every week or two to his pen pal, Pat. Many letters have been exchanged, with the predominant theme being catching each other up on what they’ve been keeping themselves busy with; Pat with tales of her care home and granddaughters, and Thomas with snippets of school life and his friends. They have also found common ground in the form of tennis, a sport that both parties are passionate about.

So lasting and meaningful have their exchanges been, that Thomas’s mum arranged for them to meet one other in Burnham Beeches! Thomas shared that they had a lovely hour or so talking outside the café and walking around the beautiful Beeches. As it was around the time of his birthday, Thomas was delighted to receive a Wimbledon pen from Pat as a gift, something that will forever act as a memento of their friendship.

When Thomas summed up the pen pal scheme, he said how glad he is that Ma’am Corrigan encouraged the boys to take part. The excitement he gets when receiving a new letter alongside the fact that he knows he is providing Pat some much appreciated social interaction during this difficult past few months, makes it an incredibly enriching experience.


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