Spring Concert and Entertainment Evening

23 April 2021


Our Spring Concert took place in the Centenary Hall on Tuesday 23rd March, and it was the first time that boys were able to play to a live audience and boys were able to attend a live performance, for the best part of a year. The 5th and 6th Form boarders, being designated one bubble for the period of time between supper and bedtime, were able to enjoy a range of individual instrumental and singing performances by our musicians as well as some entertaining solo dramatic performances. Everybody delivered a very convincing and enjoyable rendition of their pieces which is testament to the sustained effort and hard work of both the boys and their teachers, continuing to progress and enjoy their studies during the periods of lockdown and so being ready to perform confidently although they had only been in school for two weeks before the performance. I was particularly impressed by the fluency and accuracy of every rendition, and it was lovely to see the audience appreciating the opportunity to witness them. We decided not to live-stream the evening in order that we could film it more effectively and therefore produce a much higher quality video for everyone else to enjoy, and that is what is presented for you here. We hope you enjoy the chance to watch it this weekend. My thanks to all the boys who participated, their teachers, and the staff who facilitated the live event and recorded presentation.

Click here to watch the Spring Concert....


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