Inset Day | Character Education with Jonnie Noakes

23 April 2021


While awaiting the return of the boys on Wednesday and Thursday, our teachers spent the start of the week on Inset days, diligently sharing best practice, covering all aspects of school life and seeing if there are any ways the boys’ experience can be enhanced. Our ‘keynote speaker’ on Tuesday was Jonnie Noakes, who gave an incredibly insightful talk on Character Education, and its proven importance in today’s schooling. Jonnie is the Head of Teaching & Learning at Eton College, as well as being the Director of the Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning (CIRL).

He shared various studies that Eton have carried out which support the ethos that Caldicott, as well as many Senior Schools, embody which involves teaching character education as well as traditional academic learning. There are a whole host of ‘soft skills’ that have been proven to enhance a child’s development in a multitude of ways. Our five core values that we teach the boys at Caldicott throughout their schooling are examples of these ‘soft skills’. By teaching perseverance, integrity, courage, compassion, and humour, our boys develop into socially conscious young men.

Our role as a school is not only to ensure our boys achieve their academic potential, but also to make sure these boys are good citizens, good learners and good collaborators. We thank Jonnie for giving us his time, his insight was very much appreciated and it is heartening to know that our focus on character education is backed by research.


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