End of Spring Term Assembly | Awards

31 March 2021


On the last day of the Spring Term, the Headmaster, Heads of Department, and Senior School gathered in the Centenary Hall to appreciate all the boys’ achievements of 2021 so far. Recognising the nature of this Spring Term being one fraught with uncertainty and speed bumps, Mr Banks began proceedings with a poignant minute’s silence for all the loved ones lost to the pandemic. The Headmaster went on to describe the coming together of everyone in this fashion as a sort of ‘live newsletter’ where we can all observe the brilliant things that Caldicott boys have done over the past weeks. While the Lower and Middle Schools had to watch the assembly livestreamed to their classrooms, Ma’am Brackenridge kindly arranged it so that all the trophies, shields and cups were distributed to the appropriate rooms; boys were still able to have that moment of triumph when their name was called and proudly have their achievements recognised in front of their peers.

The full list of winners can be found below:



2nd Form – Joshua SG

3rd Form – George D

4th Form – Anton F

5th Form – Valiant Liu

6th Form – Ben J


History (for consistent excellence and effort):

Jack N (6th Form)

Zain P (6th Form)

Aston J (5th Form) – for outstanding project contributions throughout VC and beyond


Geography (for consistent excellence and effort):

James C (5th Form)

Otis FB (5th Form)

Montgomery CS (4th Form) – for outstanding project contributions throughout VC and beyond

Alfred A (4th Form) – for outstanding project contributions throughout VC and beyond

Gaston LG (3rd Form) - for outstanding project contributions throughout VC and beyond


Modern Foreign Languages – French Poem Competition:

1st Form – Ali M

2nd Form – Jack J

3rd Form – Cotty P

4th Form – Agastya A

5th Form – Dongyang L

George F and Daniel BP - (MFL Twitter ‘Stars’) for raising the profile of language learning at Caldicott; their rap has almost 3000 views!


Sports – VC2 Men of Steel (90% attendance):

1st & 2nd Form – Alex R, Louis M, Hugo H, Rory H, Louis P

3rd Form – Cosmo C, Fergus B, Yusuf J, Rafael S, Jeevan D, Ethan D, George H, Yashveer G, Toby P, Angus W, Stanley X

4th Form – Ned B, Charlie B, Montgomery CS, Oscar C, Joe C, Alex G, Noah JB, Charles K, Leo LF, Alex L, Zuhair M, Nate W

5th Form – Tommy A, Max BS, Isaac B, Edward C, George F, Ryan F, Aidan M, Charles T, Jack T, Callum T, Toby W

6th Form – Jack N, Dario H, Arthur D, William G, Idranil G, Arthur H, Luca K, Max LF, Blake P, Zain P, Aarav S, Ben S, Oliver C, Eric P

Sports – Race Across America Super Contributors (received a Nike keyring):

Otis FB (5th Form) – 212 km

Roger X (1st Form) – 179 km

Charlie C (6th Form) – 111 km

Henry C (6th Form) – 109 km

Thomas L (2nd Form) – 91 km

Zuhair M (4th Form) – 88 km

Max BS (5th Form) – 80 km

Montgomery CS (4th Form) – 77 km

Bertie D (4th Form) – 75 km

William G (6th Form) – 72 km


Sports – Top 5 Highest Scorers in the inter school 'keepy uppy' challenge (2nd Form)

Louis M

Louis P

George C

Rafe G

Jesse B


Sports – Fantasy Rugby Prizes

Arthur H (6th Form) – Kruising To Victory – 4099.6

Harry S (2nd Form) – 4011.3

Aston J (4th Form) – 3972.0

Cosmo C (3rd Form) – 3849.2

Edward C (5th Form) – 3813.3

Honza H (1st Form) – 3796.3


Summer Sports Captains:

Rugby – Ben J & Charlie C (VC)

Cricket – Dario H & Ben S (VC)

Football – Giacomo R and William B (VC)

Athletics – Giacomo R & Ben J (VC)

Tennis – Charlie C

Swimming – Waiting until next term

Golf – Arthur H & Leo F (Joint)


Art – Lockdown Art Competition ‘A View From My Window’

Lower School – Joshua SG

Middle School – Jeremy Y

Senior School – Alex C

‘Relatives and Friends’ category – Mrs Suzi Pitcher

‘Family Group’ category – Grimsey Family



Senior Declamations Champion – George M

Special Prize – Bertie D, Toby W

6th Form Champion – Torin T

5th Form Champion – Ryan K

4th Form Champion – Anton F

3rd Form Champion – Wulfie C


Junior Declamations Champion – Louis P

2nd Place – Sebastian C

3rd Place (Joint) – Joshua SG, Axi FM

Special Prize – Rory H


House Poetry Winners (Book Prizes):

Junior Winner – Sebastian C

Middle Winner – Bertie D

Senior Winner – Wilfie M


Rock Awards:

Senior Rock – Max BS – He has faced challenges this year with incredible determination and will.

Middle Rock – Adam D – He always tries his hardest, is keen to give things a go and always has a smile on face when doing so.

Junior Rock – Milo B – He is always polite and never boastful, despite being great at sport and liked by all his peers.


Outstanding Boarder of the Term:

5th Form - Santiago F & Niki L (shared)


Junior Effort Cup – Thomas F

Senior Effort Cup – Aston J


Reading Cup – Joe C


Plusses Prizes:

Pluses Cup – Anand N (81)

Ruler and Pencils – George F, Santi F, Ryan K, Otis FB, Max LF, Toby W, Arman FF, Dongyang L, Zain P

Pens – Dongyang L, Zain P


House Shields:

House Academic Shield (Effort) – Cooper

House Discipline Shield (Plusses) – Cooper

House Cup – McArthur


Caldicott observing a minute's silence for those lost to the pandemic


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