How to Prepare Your Six and Seven Year Old for a Place at Caldicott

25 March 2021


Caldicott is a school for all-rounders, and entry via our assessment is not a scary pass-or-fail test situation. Gaps in knowledge can easily be filled later; what we’re primarily looking for is adaptable and enthusiastic learners who communicate well, can think on their feet, and are unafraid to ask questions if they don’t understand something.

Please, please don’t Tutor your son, unless a specific reason for this has been identified and discussed with your child’s teacher. After a year of spending long days behind laptops, we want you to have fun - playing and learning are not mutually exclusive.

Instead, teach them to flex their brain muscles with age-appropriate games, activities and simple conversation. Remember to let them struggle a little first – it’s their way to find the solution or come up with thoughts and answers themselves.


We suggest you try:

  • Word games
  • Number games
  • Problem solving/logic games
  • 3D puzzles or construction
  • Handwritten notes and cards to family and friends, or let them help you write shopping lists
  • Physical activity - climbing and building; catching and throwing/target games
  • Conversation about current events around the table - encourage them to explore their opinions
  • Reflection: talk to them about how everyone in the world is different, for example, and how this makes it an exciting place
  • Compassion: encourage them to do things for others in their community
  • Mindset training: mistakes and finding things hard is a GOOD thing, as long as you work to get a little better (the power of YET)
  • Emotional intelligence: teach your child empathy and give them the vocabulary to express how they’re feeling.
  • Bedtime reading: As well as a wonderful way to spend quality time together and increase your child’s vocabulary as they are introduced to new words and different ways to use the ones they already know, studies show that reading increases empathy: our ability to imagine and share someone else’s feelings and perspectives.


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