Gaston Keeping The Forest Clean

23 March 2021


Back at the start of term, we shared a story that a 3rd Former (Year 5) Angus, was taking the litter issue in his local area very seriously. With a sense of community responsibility, him and his family have been bringing bin bags on their daily walks to clean up litter. This week, another 3rd Former, Gaston, has been on a similar campaign.

Gaston and his Mum saw on one of their walks that there were loads of bottles littering the beautiful forest near their house. Gaston admitted he wasn’t sure what to do at first, and then saw a lady picking up bottles which spurred him into action. After going home to get bins bags, they returned and the three of them managed to fill a large bin bag each with rubbish. ‘At the end I felt proud and a sense of accomplishment, as well as a bit tired because the bags were quite heavy!’

You are right to feel proud Gaston; you’ve done something very commendable by using your time to selflessly clean up your local forest, making it a nicer place for everyone (including the wildlife!). We are proud to see another Caldicott boy with a strong sense of responsibility who is eager to make a difference – well done Gaston.


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