Meet Our 'Gappie' Team

19 March 2021


Meet our ‘Gappie’ team for 2021! From left to right, we have Liam, Kaitlyn, Ed and Zoe, who together make up our brilliant team of Gap Students, affectionally called ‘Gappies’. We accept Gap students from abroad, as well as Old Caldicotians, who work together to assist with a multitude of jobs around the school, while also supporting the sports staff with games lessons.

On the far left we have Liam, who has moved all the way from Sydney, to take a year off studying while he gets a taste of working in a sports coaching environment. At the same time, he is excited by the prospect of meeting so many new people and exploring the different cultures that Europe offers. Liam’s favourite thing at Caldicott so far has been the ‘warm family feel’, as he describes it. ‘The staff and boys have all been very welcoming, especially the on-site staff who have all helped me with my transition into a foreign country away from family and friends’, he says. His plan after leaving in December involves going back to Australia to study a double degree of Business alongside Creativity and Innovation while he simultaneously incorporates the skills learnt at Caldicott to work as a sports coach.

Kaitlyn has been a Gappie at Caldicott since September 2019, meaning many of you (and especially your boys) will already know that she is a crucial part of the Caldicott family. Originally from New Zealand, she joined us from Queensland, Australia and in part due to the pandemic (but mainly because she loves it!) she has stayed with us for much longer than anticipated. Excited to experience something new, Kaitlyn was confident she’d love working in a school, and fortunately it has matched expectations. When asked what has kept her at Caldicott so long, she says it’s the people, ‘It's been wonderful getting to know the students and staff in the fast-paced Caldicott environment where every day is exciting and unique.’ Kaitlyn enjoys that she is involved in so many areas of school life, from After school care to Games, to the Bookaneers Book Club. She has also developed an affinity for the UK and is looking to stay after her time at Caldicott comes to an end this September by studying a Bachelor’s in politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Alongside the three Australians, we have Ed, an Old Caldicotian, who left in 2015. Living nearby in Gerrards Cross, he loved his time here as a student and was incredibly eager to come back and get involved again. With Universities closing, it was the perfect excuse to make his return, and help out at the school. He has particularly fond memories of the sport at Caldicott and is once again thriving, this time on the other end of the sessions! Sadly, Ed will only be with us for another couple of weeks before returning to University to continue his studies in September.

On the far right, we have Zoe. Also from Australia, she grew up on a crop-based farm in the small town of Temora, New South Wales. Keen to engage in a new environment, outside her comfort zone, she has loved the atmosphere at Caldicott and the relationships she has been able to form with new people. After leaving at the end of the year, Zoe is currently planning on continuing her studies at the University of Sydney; she hopes this year she will decide if this is the path she wishes to take.


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