Toby’s New Role Directed by Danny Boyle

12 March 2021


For the past three weeks, 5th Former (Year 7), Toby W, has had the impossible job of keeping a very exciting secret. He has been filming in a TV series called ‘Pistols’ directed by Danny Boyle! We spoke to Toby about his experience, and when asked how hard it was keeping it a secret from his friends he said, ‘It’s been really hard, especially as I have been going off from school a few times a week. They ask what I am doing and I just say that I can’t tell you, but soon I will be able to!’.

The audition experience was an interesting one, with Toby sending in a self-clip filmed from home, followed by an online audition which he had to do during prep, while he hid in Ma’am Duncan’s office! The final audition was done in the studio – he then found out three weeks later that he got the role.

Toby has credited Caldicott with fostering his love of the arts, ‘I have always watched the Caldicott plays through the years, and it was so great when I could finally take part in the Senior plays now that I am 5th Form’. He also thanked the teachers, saying that they had been very supportive, as he has been catching up on work whenever he has had free time, ‘I even did a piece of work in my trailer at one point!’. Particularly, Ma’am Duncan has helped him throughout the process, for which he is very grateful.

We asked Toby what he has learnt from this process; as well as the role being different than what he has done before, he learnt a lot about the subject matter of the series – the punk scene. He has even done some research, reading the Steve Jones biography, which the show is based off.

Congratulations Toby on securing this exciting role, and especially for successfully keeping it a secret for all this time! We very much look forward to watching when the series is aired.


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