Zain P, Head Boy: Adapting to his Role During a Global Pandemic

11 March 2021


With remote schooling being the norm for the past few weeks, Zain barely had a chance to process the fact he was Head Boy, before suddenly schools were shut, and we were back in another national lockdown.

Zain modestly claimed to never have had long term ambitions to be Head Boy, but it seems the role chose him. Starting as a prefect, he has always taken a prominent role in the Caldicott community, as well as taking an interest in a broad range of subjects (from being in debate teams, to competing in House Maths competitions, to enjoying sports like fencing, rugby and squash) meaning the next natural goal was always going to be the highly acclaimed title of Head Boy.

Getting involved in many of the competitions, challenges and pastoral elements of Caldicott’s extra-curricular offer, is another factor that makes Zain an exemplary Caldicott boy. Recently, he was announced as one of the six winners in the ‘Express Yourself’ community challenge for his brilliant tutorial video detailing how to bake delicious chocolate brownies. This video was also put in the VC bulletin to inspire the boys (as well as parents and staff) to take care of their mental health during lockdown. When asked how Zain found adapting to his role during lockdown, he said that it was made easier by the fact that the school did a great job providing high quality education while simultaneously ensuring the wellbeing of all boys and staff was as robust as possible.

Zain thought back to past Head Boys at Caldicott, remembering that they have always been bastions of Caldicott’s values; well-rounded boys with good character. A great source of pride for Zain is the fact that his father, Dawood, also attended Caldicott (1982-1988), with Ma’am Duncan even interviewing them both for ‘Caldicott Through the Generations | Part 4’. It is a great read, as the two proud members of Wood House recount memories of the school as well as what has changed, and what has remained the same.

Zain has described being Head Boy as incredibly exciting and ‘an honour to represent such a great school’. Similarly, we are glad to have such a good-natured young man embodying the school’s values and setting an example for the younger boys.


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