Reyess Recognised by Tatler for Charity Work

04 March 2021


Reyess has spent the Christmas holidays as well as the following lockdown in Malaysia. The lockdown was impacting everyone differently and he took it upon himself to create fun activities for his brothers and himself. It was during this time that his parents discovered his love for video editing and production.

Reyess has also always been very passionate about charity work, having previously raised funds for a Rohingya refugee named Yaasiin who needed life saving surgery. He understood that during the COVID lockdowns many were badly affected by the restrictions. He started Project Essentials Chowkit. Chowkit is a poverty stricken district in Kuala Lumpur. He created awareness by creating a video of himself appealing for donations to help non essential workers, single mothers, food vendors and part time workers who live in the Chowkit area. He encouraged everyone to donate as much as they could and he donated part of his savings to the fund. When the lockdown was extended ,he then went on to raise money for 11 other refugee families. Reyess managed to raise a total of £8000.

Recently he has found a new charity initiative which he is very passionate about. This is Madhya's Gift for which he walked 10km around Kuala Lumpur on the 31 January to raise funds. He edited two different videos, one before the walk to appeal for donations and second he videoed during the walk and played it after to generate more publicity. He posted his videos on social media and has also sent the videos to individuals and organisations to raise awareness for the fund. Several news outlets has since contacted him for interviews and has covered his walk. His target was initially RM50,000 but he has since managed to raise over RM150,000 of donations, and made this video to document his journey.

Reyess has even featured in a local magazine...

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