Caldicott: Race Across America Winners!

03 March 2021


Since half term, the Caldicott boys and staff have been engaged in the ‘Race Across America’, a 4,828km virtual race from the east coast (San Francisco) to the west coast (New York) of America. Last Monday we sat in fourth place; Mr Banks became aware of this and made a rallying cry in assembly later that day, with the Sports department also releasing a motivational video of them in action.

As the days went on we slowly but surely made ground on the competition, overtaking Taunton and Moulsford, until Monday 1 March when we took first place from Clifton College. The following day Moulsford managed an impressive 1334.91km in 24 hours, and were breathing down our necks by a relatively narrow gap of less than 200km.

With less than 1000km to go for both Caldicott and Moulsford, it was anybody's race – fortunately with so many of us behind the cause, we reached New York at 14:03 on Tuesday, 3 hours and 48 minutes before Moulsford!

Mr Hutchings would like to congratulate everyone who contributed to the Race Across America, and add that it was fantastic to see so many boys, families and staff all participating to the group effort. Thank you to Moulsford, Clifton and Taunton for providing us some dearly missed friendly competition, hopefully in due course it won’t have to be a virtual event and spectators will be invited too.

We hope this event has inspired you to get outside and get active during lockdown. Congratulations Caldicott!


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