Head Groundsman, Rob’s, Everest Climb for Neuroblastoma

26 February 2021


Not all superheroes wear capes, but some do, including our very own Head Groundsman, Rob, who is on a masked mission to raise awareness of neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer that mostly affects babies and young children.

Rob and his wife’s close friends’ daughter is, heartbreakingly, terminally ill with this terrible disease. She’s just three years old. That is what brought this to Rob’s attention, where he took it upon himself to walk the distance it would take to climb Everest by climbing 58,070 steps up and 58,070 steps down the stairs outside the Centenary Hall. He successfully achieved this over the course of 4 days, all while carrying a 55lb pack on his back (the standard weight carried by the British Army & SAS in training exercises).

Every week in the UK, around two families are told the devastating news that their child has neuroblastoma, with lots still unknown about this horrible disease. While it is too late to help Elara, we can do our best to stop this happening to another child. If you wish to support Rob’s cause, please donate to Neuroblastoma UK, to fund vital, potentially life-saving research.         


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