Teachings From the Chapel | 24 February

24 February 2021


This week’s Chapel service began with a reading by Ma’am Naidoo from the Gospel according to Matthew, chapter four. The passage described Jesus being led into the wilderness where he resisted the many temptations of the Devil. He was offered food, riches and fame, all of which he refused.

Our Chapel Master related the story to a recent holiday many boys and parents alike will have celebrated over the half term – Shrove Tuesday. While many pancakes were likely consumed on this day, it is primarily a precursor to Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Lent is the first of the 40 days of fasting in the lead up to the most sacred time of the Christian year, Easter. Mr Paget commended anyone who has decided to test their willpower by giving something up this year and assured them that Sundays are not included as a day of fasting (so feel free to eat all the chocolate you want!).

At this time, the Caldicott Chapel has covered its crucifixes and crosses with purple bags – an ancient tradition intended to allow people to focus. Mr Paget goes on to say that despite the many difficulties faced in the lockdowns over the last year, it has afforded us time, if nothing else. This time can be used however we wish; to appreciate what is around us and to think. Mr Paget says, ‘time is precious and never something we should take for granted.’ So, this week, take time to think about our real priorities in life – what we think is most important.


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