Declamations Finals 2021

23 February 2021


The Declamation competition is a key event in the Caldicott Academic calendar. All boys in the 3rd form to the 6th form learn a piece of writing by heart; this could be a poem, a speech, an extract from a book - the competition is enriched by the variety of choices on display. After performing to their English sets, the best performances are selected to advance to the Declamation Finals. The 1st and 2nd Form (Years 3 and 4) will be competing in the Summer Term, and after the half term, respectively. Below you can see a picture of Toby W (5th Form) ready for the final!

This week, the boys competed in a virtual final, filmed through Microsoft Teams. We were delighted to host our esteemed judge, Mr Andrew-Mark Hanrahan, Head of Boarding at Terra Nova School (and former Head of English at Caldicott) who gave superb, constructive feedback to all the boys involved. Choosing winners from these groups was an arduous task, given the fantastic standard of performance on display. Congratulations to all the boys involved, from those who had their first ever try at a Declamation this year, to the very worthy champions selected by Mr Hanrahan.

Watch the finals here...


The Winners are listed below:


Wulfie C - 3rd Form Champion (Greta Thunberg speech to the UN)

Anton F- 4th Form Champion (Desiderata - Max Ehrmann)

Ryan K - 5th Form Champion (Gold - James Veitch)

Torin T - 6th Form Champion (Exposure - Wilfred Owen)


Overall Champion - George M (5th Form) (Grand High Witch’s Speech - Roald Dahl)

Special Prize - Bertie D (4th Form) (Funeral Blues - W.H.Auden)

Special Prize - Toby W (5th Form) (The Great Realisation - Tom Roberts)


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