Congratulations to the Winners of the 'Breaking News' Competition!

11 February 2021


We would like to thank Marina for her time and efforts in engaging our boys with writing this last week. After judging the 'breaking news' competition, and leaving feedback to every boy who participated, Marina has a message for Caldicott:


Hello Caldicott newshounds!

I have judged a lot of professional journalism awards in my time, but this is the first school competition I have ever adjudicated on – and it was much the hardest to choose! I was blown away by the standard of the entries, and I think it’s amazing that you took extra time after your lessons to do this, when it is such a lot of effort each day just to complete Virtual Caldicott.

Thank you for showing such enthusiasm and extra dedication – I am so impressed and it really was an honour to judge these. I think it’s worth saying that some of the entrants from 1st and 2nd Form produced stories that were as good as some from 5th and 6th Form.

Congratulations to all these winners – I have written some feedback to every single boy who entered, which I hope you will be able to find with your stories in Google Classroom. If I somehow missed you out, let me know, and I will tell you what I thought.

Thank you so much, newshounds – you all did wonderfully and it really was such a tough choice.

Yours admiringly

Marina Hyde



Lower School -



Special mentions: for excellent headlines, HH 'CALDICOTT’S NEW PLAYER IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!' and AR 'DesPIGable Pitch Invasion!'. For excellent design: MB 'Strange Creature Appears on Rugby Pitch' and TI 'Turbulence in a School Pool'


Middle School -

Winner: TA 'Monster Mayhem'

Second: AF 'Mysterious Creature Sighted on Spenz Field at Caldicott School'

Third: AJ 'Greek Goddess exposed near Gerrards Cross'

Special mentions: for an excellent headline: MCS 'Monster Munch'. For excellent design: JM, 'Alien lands on pitch!'. For very careful following of the instructions: AN 'Caldicott’s respected reputation left in ashes'


Senior School -

Winner: WM 'Dr Zeus!'

Second: TW 'Teacher reveals himself to be Greek God, Hercules'

Third: ZP 'Match Tea Mishap!'

Special mentions: for an excellently outrageous imagination: CN 'Suspected evil deputy head takes true form of Goddess Hecate?!'


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