Teachings From the Chapel | 10 February

10 February 2021


This week, the Chapel service commenced with Mr Legge reading a passage from St Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. The extract was about love and how it surpasses all; without it is to have nothing, all else passes and fades away, but not love.

The relevance of this passage comes from the fact that this week is the Feast of Saint Valentine, more commonly referred to as Valentine’s Day. Our Chapel Master, Mr Paget, shared with us stories about the supposed origin of St. Valentine. Evidently there is some confusion surrounding his origin, with it being likely that there were in fact two of these Saints.  Both are believed to have been martyrs, and the latter Saint was thought to have written a note to his lover before he was killed that simply read ‘your Valentine’.

Mr Paget even described to us an ancient Roman tradition involving men throwing dog skin at women, which they believed promoted fertility! Unfortunately, Oliver Cromwell put an end to all celebrations of St Valentine’s and thus it is him we blame for not having the feasts that the rest of Europe enjoys during this time.

The key message to take out of St. Valentine’s Day is that we should all take the time to express real, genuine love to those we care about. We love those who are important to us and it is essential we remember to tell them that.


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