Weekly Round-Up of VC | 05 February

05 February 2021


Another week of VC, another week of teaching, inspiring, connecting.

As the weeks go on, it takes increasing levels of tenacity from our boys to get the most out of their online schooling, as well as increasing levels of creativity from our teachers to inspire and engage. Fortunately, our teachers are more than up to the task and this week we have more snapshots of lessons in which they have done exactly that.

Mr Wild has been busy ensuring that the 140 individual music lessons that Caldicott teaches each week continue to run smoothly, but he has still found time to inspire his class with the use of a ‘Kahoot!’ quiz on treble clef (pictured below) to ensure they are consolidating their learning of music theory. On the practical side of things, AD (4th Form) performed for the class a brilliant piece on the trumpet with his father joining in – a beautiful moment that could only come about with AD learning from home.

This week the 5th Form (Y7) science lessons have consisted of learning about light, in which boys were tasked with making a projector in class using their knowledge of light and reflections. The extension to this lesson was to use their projectors and shadows to make a short movie; many of the boys revelled in the challenge and included are a few of their productions as well as behind the scenes looks at their projectors.

RK – Puppet Master Movie…            JT – Safari Movie…          JT - Behind the Scenes...

MBS – Behind the Scenes…            MBS – ‘A Walk in the Park’…

Over in DT, Mr Cooper has been working with the 3rd Form (Y5) to teach them Tinkercad, a brilliant 3D modelling program used often during lessons, pre-pandemic. This week, the boys have learnt how to make branching mazes – this lesson has taught them the fundamentals, which they will later use to create 3D models of their mazes. The boys loved this lesson, with one writing to Mr Cooper, ‘Thanks so much for this lesson, it was great fun!’.

Mr Legge has set a more sombre task in History on the topic of slavery. The 6th Form (Y8) have been asked to use their recently attained knowledge on various slave rebellions and then write an imaginative diary entry in which they create their own slave story and journey to freedom. Using both their real knowledge combined with imagination, this task has brought out the best in the boys and showed their compassionate side.

JH’s diary entry…       AM diary entry…

To summarise this week, we will leave it to 4th Former (Y6), NJB, who in his spare time has written an ‘A-Z Poem’ about Virtual Caldicott.

Read the poem here…


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