Children's Mental Health Week: Competitions, Workshops and Challenges

28 January 2021


Next week is Children’s Mental Health Week; as you will all know, at Caldicott the mental health and wellbeing of all our boys (as well as parents and staff) is always the top priority, so this week is a big chance for us all to embrace what CMHW is all about! The theme is ‘Express Yourself’ and there will be plenty of chances to do that throughout this week. Ma’am Corrigan and Ma’am Bisschop have been busy organising a workshop, competition and challenge throughout the week and as usual, our Listeners will be continuing their brilliant videos reminding us of some all-important information on wellbeing.

Next week is kicking off in style with Marina Hyde, Guardian writer, delivering a pre-recorded workshop on Monday, giving advice on how to write like a top journalist – the link to which will be found in the daily bulletin. During this enriching session with Marina, she will present the boys with a challenge to write a breaking news article on a topic she will reveal during the workshop. The deadline for boys to submit their piece is Monday 8 January, with Marina herself selecting a winner from the Lower School, Middle School and Senior School. Submit your article on Google Classrooms. Later in the week there will even be a live Q & A where you can ask Marina everything you want to know about being a journalist and expressing yourself through writing!

This workshop should really get the creative juices flowing, which will help with a competition to be announced later in the week! During lockdown it is undoubtedly a consistent, community effort to stay positive and support one another which is why Ma’am Corrigan has invited the whole Caldicott community to take part (boys, sisters, mums, dads, grannies, grandads… everyone!). This competition will run for a couple of weeks, and it will be a much broader chance for everyone to express themselves however they like. The younger boys will get some help in this respect with some fun dances being taught in PE lessons through the week, which may provide insight into a potential way to express yourself.

For both Marina’s ‘Breaking News’ writing competition and the soon to be revealed ‘Express Yourself Challenge’ there will be prizes for the winners. As well as a plus for every boy that takes part (and superstar/highly commended for especially good pieces), there are badges and book tokens to be won! For all of these exciting opportunities, please keep your eye on the daily bulletin.


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