Caldicott Sports Day 1914

20 January 2021


Below we have managed to uncover an archived picture from Caldicott Sports Day, 1914. Our Old Caldicotians pages on Twitter and Instagram are always finding gems from the past of Caldicott and digging around to see what piece of our school’s history they can uncover next.

In this photograph Brian A Passmore is receiving a prize for sporting achievement. The founder of Caldicott School, J Heald Jenkins, can be seen on the right of the prize-giver. Jenkins famously named Caldicott after his wife, Theodora Caldicott Ingram. Their daughter, Elizabeth Jenkins OBE, can also be found on the far left of this photograph.

Elizabeth Jenkins had a fascinating life; she studied at the women-only Newnham College, Cambridge from 1921, a constituent college of the University of Cambridge, where she studied English and history (though women were not eligible to receive a degree from the university until 1948).

Elizabeth settled down to teaching in Hampstead and began her writing career which continued throughout her life (apart from the war years in which she helped Jewish refugees and later in the Ministry of Information). She quickly became established as a woman of letters with her historical biographies and her novels. Most notable among her novels are The Tortoise and the Hare, Harriet and Dr Gully’s Story. Elizabeth’s biographies included Jane Austen, Henry Fielding and ‘Elizabeth the Great’. She was also the prime mover in the founding of the Jane Austen Society. After a long and intriguing life, she passed away in September 2010 aged 105. 

With Elizabeth’s impressive writing career in mind, we hope it encourages your boys to get heavily involved in this year’s Readathon, which is starting soon and shaping up to be more exciting than ever!


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