Talking Sports: James Gaunt, DoS at Radley

19 January 2021


Mr Hutchings and the rest of the Sports department are taking a proactive role in seeking critical and enriching sports knowledge to share with the Caldicott community. To this end, a member of staff will be talking to someone from the sporting world every week with the goal of gathering their unique insight on the importance of sports in their lives. Look out for this each week as their perspective will be incredibly enriching, whether you wish to achieve highly in a sport, or not. They will talk about the importance of perseverance, best sporting memories and of course, striving to find balance during this time of lockdown. Below Mr Hutchings has written a brief synopsis of what he talked about this week with James Gaunt, the Director of Sport at Radley College.

This week I interviewed James Gaunt with regards to his background in sport, coaching and teaching. We also spoke about the value of exercise and how we can find physical activity of particular value in this period of lockdown and remote learning. We also spoke about Radley, the sports programme and how pupils and parents can make the transition from prep school to senior school an easier and more productive one. The interview is for boys and parents, and I hope you enjoy it; it lasts for just over 30 minutes.

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