Senior School Assembly | Thursday 7 January

07 January 2021


On Thursday, Mr Banks gave his first assembly of the Spring Term, at the start of the first day of Virtual Caldicott; it was, of course, only for the Senior School, with a whole school assembly taking place on Saturday morning.  

Throwing his mind back to the end of last time, the Headmaster talked about the Boarders’ Christmas Party and how it was, ‘one of the best nights of my Christmas’. From the heart-warming Carols, to the mesmerising fireworks, to the delicious food, it was certainly a special event. But what it made it most memorable were the performances of the boys during ‘Caldicott’s Got Talent’; impressive pieces of music and side-splitting comedy routines left everyone exuberant.  

Mr Banks went on to share his optimism and positivity towards the beginning of Virtual Caldicott and repeated the vital sentiment that Caldicott is more than bricks and mortar. The importance of routine, comradery and consistent communication were all highlighted. 

It is a time of changes for all of us, not least of all Ma’am Bisschop who takes on a new role as Deputy Head (Pastoral). Her role will not be the same as that of Mr Timms and, as she will continue with her role as Head of Boarding, the connection between boarding and the rest of the school will be stronger than ever.  

Advice was shared on how to navigate this challenging time by forming two mental categories: things that are not your fault and things that you can do something about. Mental health struggles, being upset, angry, in pain and disappointed are all things that are not your fault. Instead focus on things that you can do something about; happiness, healing, growth and your future are all, with the help of us at Caldicott and those around you, things that you can make a difference to. 

The assembly ended with the Headmaster highlighting five essential things to monitor, to get the most out of virtual learning. Sleep, healthy food, water and exercise are four crucial elements of a balanced lifestyle and will all contribute to the brain’s growth and your overall happiness. Something to be wary of is social media, at risk of sounding like he was giving a lecture, Mr Banks suggested moderation being the key here. By keeping these devices away from your working space, you can focus your mind more effectively and reduce distractions as best you can. 

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