How is Virtual Caldicott Going to Look in 2021

07 January 2021


To echo the words of Mr Banks, Caldicott is not closed. Caldicott is more than the bricks and mortar, more than the buildings; Caldicott is the connections between tutors and tutees, the teaching, the caring and the inspiration. Virtual Caldicott takes all of that into account and this year, as it did throughout the summer of 2020, it will evolve.

We will still continue to generate that magical feeling between teacher and pupil. There is a new emphasis on live lessons; but rather than teachers solely talking into cameras, and the boys receiving their lessons as if they’re simply watching TV, there will be interaction, camaraderie and humour. Away from the formal lessons, tutors will check in with the boys regularly to offer support, reassurance and wise, friendly counsel.

As well as the confidence that comes from building strong relationships, discipline and routine is equally vital for how boys learn, develop and thrive. With this in mind, we have decided to include Saturday School in Virtual Caldicott this year. As well as maintaining that routine, it allows for more interaction with peers and tutors – something even more important than usual given that they won’t be socialising as much as normal. 

Only through effective communication and collaboration will VC be a success once again. We’ve built on the strengths of the first incarnation and dug even deeper this time around to offer what we hope will be an effective and enjoyable learning experience for the boys.

Please stay connected and send in photos of your sons taking part in VC to Jacob at [email protected]

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