Farwell and Good Luck, Mr Timms

17 December 2020


We have said a heartfelt farewell to a beloved member of staff, our Deputy Head (Pastoral), Jonny Timms, who will be taking over headship at Walhampton School next term. Over the more than five years Mr Timms has been with us, he has made countless positive changes to the school, with the wellbeing of the boys always his prime objective. Mr Timms’ philosophy and legacy will remain in the school long after he’s gone. During the farewell gathering, Mr Banks reminded everyone of the history of Caldicott, with Jenkins, Wood and others playing a major role, he added to that list Mr Timms, who should be proud of the contribution he had made to Caldicott. Mr Banks went on to emphasise to Mr Timms that these founders and leaders in our school’s past will be looking down and thinking, ‘it is no surprise that a man like you is going into preparatory school headship; the children will be fortunate to have you as their leader’. On a personal note, Mr Banks said, ‘thank you for your support, thank you for your friendship and thank you for your fellowship in SLT with the ideas, suggestions, and direction that you have brought, as well as the love and care you have given to the whole community. Very best of luck and well done to you’.

Ma’am Naidoo, who started at the same time as Mr Timms also had some words to share, ‘Jonny has got the inner courage and strength which has personally always carried me through… he is measured and always talks things through with me. Thank you, Jonny, you’ve had my back since that first term and when I was acting Head, I knew I could focus on my role, as the rest of the school was in safe hands.’ In terms of Mr Timms’ pastoral legacy at Caldicott, Ma’am Naidoo said, ‘you have made me constantly reflect on the pastoral side of things – you are that voice in my head now’.

While saying goodbye to a wonderful pillar of the Caldicott community was always going to be emotional, we are truly happy for Mr Timms taking on this challenge and for everyone at Walhampton, who are getting an incredible new Head. This departure also presents new beginnings, with Sarah Bisschop (our current Head of Boarding) taking the mantle as the new Pastoral Deputy Head. With her considerate and compassionate approach, everyone at Caldicott is certain she will make an excellent new Deputy Head and we are excited for her to realise her own goals and ideas.

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