After-School Care: Available to All Day Boys!

12 November 2020


Lots of parents are simply too busy to make the school run at four, or for those with multiple children life is just that little bit easier if they can choose what time to collect their son.  That is why we offer after-school care for all day boys at Caldicott. In our eyes it’s a win-win; parents get some semblance of control over the hectic school run and our boys gets to enjoy some enriching activities with their peers. 

Proceedings start in the dining room where the boys chat with the gap students looking after them (affectionately known as gappies, all of whom live on site) and enjoy their high tea which sustains them until dinner. The fan favourite among one particular group of boys is tomato soup, which fortunately is also gappie, Kaitlyn’s, snack of choice. ‘Sometimes we even get cakes’, one of the boys, Fedor, explained excitedly.

In stark contrast to the calm debate around food, things get much more heated when the boys are asked to choose their activity of the day. ‘Air hockey!’ ‘Ping Pong!’ ‘Adventure playground!’ are just a few of the fervently made suggestions. This passion is only amplified during the very democratic system in which suggestions are ‘tabled’ with a subsequent vote taking place amongst the group (if a positive can be taken out of being required to have smaller groups to uphold the bubbles, then this is it). Once the votes have been cast and the group has settled on a decision, in this case the IT room, they move on from the dining hall and get stuck in.

‘The most fun part is getting to spend time with your friends and even making new friends’, one boy explained. Kaitlyn’s favourite activity ‘pre-bubbles’ was hosting the after-school care competition every Tuesday; in teams the boys would compete in many challenges including adventure playground relays, Google maps races in the IT room and charades, ‘it’s immensely fun’, she added.  Despite being somewhat limited in terms of bubbles interacting, after-school care is still an incredibly popular option among boys and parents alike. That is thanks to the amount of entertaining activities on offer, coupled with the ability to spend time outside of the classroom with their peers.

Our after-school care is flexible; if parents are running late it gives the boys somewhere nice to wait and on visiting days for boarders' siblings can have some fun before it's time to go home. It also means we do not have a cut off point - you can register your son in after-school care at any time, although it’s helpful if we know numbers in advance so that we can cater accordingly. If you wish to do so, please fill out our Booking Form.


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