STEAM Fair Finals 2020

15 October 2020


Social distancing, bubbles, Covid. All-new themes for 2020.

The annual STEAM projects completed by boys in their summer holidays and the finals day on Saturday 10 October were influenced but not diminished by having to cope with the new rules. Our biggest Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths (STEAM) event of the year had many great and varied entries but to allow for distancing just 10 Finalists were selected this year with their work being displayed for visiting prospective parents.

In place of visiting judges from industry and senior schools we reached out and got in-depth feedback from the Principal Environmental Scientist at AstraZeneca, a senior Product Manager and serial entrepreneur at Google and academic insight from the Head of Computing and Digital learning at Stowe School.

They made insightful and probing comments on the projects but were impressed by the quality and ingenuity of the students' work.

Also new this year were three new award categories to reflect the different types of project.


Investigation award. Given for well researched and implemented scientific enquiry.

  • Callum T (Year 7): An investigation into the levels of iron added to breakfast cereal.
  • Jack N (Year 8): A thorough investigation and creation of phosphorus-free washing powder.
  • Luca K (Year 8): A very detailed project looking at existing techniques and then coding a self-driving car that uses camera images to drive within its own lane.
  • Alex L (Year 6): Looking at how to use solar energy to move water so that it could be used to create hydroelectric power on sunless days.
  • Elliot T (Year 6): Investigating responsible ways to recycle dog poo into fertiliser.


Innovation award

  • Freddie B (Year 8):  A design for a two-story tent to help create living space in crowded refugee zones.
  • Wilfred S (Year 6): A self-powered GPS theft tracker built into a bicycle pedal.
  • Edward B (year 6): A website for volunteers to register to help others with tasks during lockdown.


Topical Solution award

  • Ben S (Year 8): Creating a Bluetooth proximity sensor for school children to use.
  • Joe C (Year 6):  Adapting weighted blankets into jackets that could give lonely people a hug in lockdown.


Other notable projects this year came from Montgomery CS (Year 6) and his exploration into uses for banana skins and Aarav S’s (Year 8) investigation into a good diet and cookery.

The overall winners this year were Wilfred S and Ben S.

Well done to all boys who entered.


STEAM Fair Finalists

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