Caldicott's 1st XI Cricket Coach Plays in Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy Competition

01 October 2020


We are very proud of the achievements of our 1st XI coach, English and Philosophy teacher, Lissy Macleod.

Ma’am Macleod has been a member of the Sunrisers team in the Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy. This is a 50 over cricket tournament which was created this year to enable women’s cricket to be played this summer through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eight teams, split between the north and south of the country, were created for the competition, with the players from the England squad being shared between the teams. The matches were played behind closed doors, but each match was streamed live, to enable fans to follow the action. The final of the competition took place over the weekend. Sadly, the Sunrisers did not make the final, but we were very pleased to see Ma’am Macleod in action in the previous games.

We are thrilled to have Lissy on the coaching team at Caldicott. Her skills and experience are invaluable to the boys. Having skilled coaches at school is very important to us and for the boys’ development. From cricket to rugby, they are able to gain insight into what it is like to play at the top level, which will provide them with a great grounding in all sport as they move through their prep and senior school career.

Caldicott's Lissy Macleod plays in Rachel Heyhoe Flint Trophy Cricket Competition

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