Headmaster's Blog | Friday 15 May 2020

15 May 2020


Having written to you all on Thursday, I will not repeat myself so if you have not had the chance to read it, please take a moment to do so. As I sit here preparing this missive, on my desk alongside me is the Daily Bulletin for Friday. Today marks one month of Virtual Caldicott and our planning group, who worked so hard during the Easter holiday, could not have hoped for more by today. In an email to my colleagues in the aftermath of the Prime Minister’s speech on Sunday I shared that I thought the secret to ensuring that Virtual Caldicott delivered the best possible education for boys were these three things:

  • A collective willingness to make it work – the boys, the teachers and the parents in a close partnership together.
  • Clear and energetic communication between us all – the lessons, the wellbeing support, the assemblies, the social media and your feedback.
  • The thirst for continuous improvement – VC as a whole, of course, but all of us with respect to our relationships and use of technology.

My thoughts this week have been with our 6th Form boys and their parents. I will be writing to them later today and the sense of grief, with the likelihood of them not experiencing the rite of passage that is leaving school, is palpable for some of them. All three of my children are leaving their school this summer so I feel particularly placed to share in this sadness. Mr Di Maso and the Senior Tutors are exploring imaginative ways to replicate the leaving experience in a remote way, but it is hard and I am grateful to them for their work.

Half Term is a week away and as Ma’am Naidoo wrote in the Bulletin that ‘time flies when you are having fun’. By scrolling down that communication you can see why. From the wonderful message from Chapel today, thanks to Simon Guillebaud (Great Lakes Outreach), in which he shared funny stories about ‘fullness of life’, to the poem challenge, the daily Maths Problem, the offer of a live PE lesson and the Virtual Stair Climb Challenge. All in addition to the lessons that are being reviewed and improved daily.

Have a good weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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