A Spacetacular Sleepover | Caldicott Boys bring their cancelled visit to the Space Centre to their own homes during Lockdown

04 May 2020


Caldicott boys in Year 6 were supposed to visit the National Space Centre in Leicester this term for an evening of activities followed by a sleepover on the gallery floor. Instead, they recreated the experience at home.

On Friday 1 May, the boys took part in a virtual sleepover. Year 3 – 5 were also invited to take part in a landmark event that has never been done before. The theme was, of course, space and the boys needed to make preparations before their sleepover commenced. They were asked to create a space mask or helmet from items they found around the house. Nothing at home seemed safe. As well as raiding the recycling, boys found old plant pots, hardware in the garage and one boy even dismantled the family vacuum cleaner for parts.

The resulting masks and helmets were impressive. In an online vote, 62 designs were reduced to 20 finalists.

The final results were:

  • Staff choice – Cosmo C (Year 4)
  • Headmaster’s choice – Edward C (Year 6)
  • Project write up winner – Charles K (Year 5)
  • Overall 3rd place – Otis FB (Year 6)
  • Overall 2nd place – Alexander T (Year 6)
  • Overall winner – Charlie B (Year 5)

Charlie B (Year 5) made his stunning helmet out of a parcel box and part of a margarine tub to represent a Star Wars Biker Scout helmet.

To encourage research and planning skills, part of the task was to document their progress. The boys did this by taking photographs of themselves making the items and then creating presentations which they posted in their Google Classroom for Mr Bennett to view.

On Friday evening, the boys hunkered down in homemade tents, under drum kits, behind sofas and in space dens of all types; clearly enjoying themselves with their family as they started their virtual sleepover. During the evening, families watched space-themed films, tracked the International Space Station (some were brave enough to view it in the early hours), star gazed and many other activities.

The sleepover was a wonderful end to a few weeks’ hard work and collaborative effort from all boys across these year groups. It was great to see the effort and creative skills from them, as well as engagement through Virtual Caldicott to complete the tasks. The school couldn’t be more proud of how they are handling remote learning.


Space Themed Virtual Sleepover


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