Caldicott Focus Week

02 March 2020


It is looking more and more likely that, as children move through their educational career and into the workplace, skills will be more valuable than specific subject knowledge. With this in mind, Caldicott boys stepped away from their regular curriculum and spent the week focussing on a specific topic during their lessons instead.


The theme was ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ and each department used this topic to develop interesting activities for the boys to take part in. Most importantly it gave the boys the opportunity to show original thinking, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving. All valuable skills for the future.

Activities included:

  • Exploring descriptive travel writing and identifying key phrases to help write found poems in English.
  • Investigating camera and sound production, how the journey around the world could have been carbon neutral and what the habitats and organisms Mr Fogg would have seen on his journey in Science.
  • Looking back to the original French novel.
  • Researching the different transportation that was used and comparing what was used in the story to how we go around the world today in Geography and History.
  • Looking at the journeys of refugees from around the world in PSHEE.
  • Learning about the set design used for the school production of the story in 2019 in Drama.
  • Designing a plane, recording the distance it travelled and then calculating how many times they would need to throw it to travel the route around the world in DT.

At the end of the week, the boys’ hard work was displayed in the Performing Arts Centre for the whole school to view, as well as parents. There was a buzz about the hall as everyone had the chance to visit each stand and learn a little more from each year group. The scenes were great to see and the boys were all in good spirits and delighted to see their work come together.

Focus week was the culmination of a lot of hard work from dedicated staff, who wanted to do something a little different to encourage the boys to learn and use their skills to produce amazing pieces of work. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to step outside the box and try something new.


Focus Week at Caldicott

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