Caldicott U8 Walla Rugby Festival 2020

14 February 2020


Caldicott was delighted to host a Walla Rugby Festival at School on Tuesday 11 February.

The U8 boys were delighted to host Farnham Common Junior School, St Piran’s and the Dolphin School to play in what was a superb rugby festival with excellent play from all sides.

Walla Rugby is a great way to introduce playing rugby to the younger boys. It is a simple, non-tackling introduction that has been designed to focus on the game principles of possession, go forward and pressure; the individual skills of passing and receiving, running and evasion; and tagging; as well as the game elements of ball take, scrum and lineout.

All the teams were mixed ability with a number of the Caldicott boys teaming up with the boys from the other schools. There was luck with the weather as the sun shone all afternoon as each side played seven, 7-minute matches with all the boys getting equal playing time.

The festival and games were designed with fun and enjoyment at the centre while promoting inclusivity and the core rugby union values of teamwork, respect, integrity, discipline and enjoyment.

A great time was had by all and there were some excellent bits of skill on show throughout the day from all the teams.


Caldicott U8 Rugby Festival

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