Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 18 January 2020

18 January 2020


On Tuesday morning I launched the first of our five Core Values and I was delighted with the response from boys and staff. YouTube can be such a great resource for teaching and a search for ‘Perseverance’ gifted me a beautifully edited three-minute clip from the movie, Finding Nemo. From swimming ‘deeper and deeper’ to find a mask, to throwing a pebble into a fish tank’s filter to thwart oncoming peril, to galvanising a shoal of fish to escape capture by shouting 'just swim down!', it was the perfect way to illustrate this important value.

The icing on the cake was being able to celebrate the success of a 5th Former called Bingham whose website, ‘Bingbong books and Bingbook travel’ now has 11,000 regular users, and as it grew, he often wondered whether the effort was worth it. We will showcase his story in a later edition of this newsletter. I also spoke about boys confidently focusing on how hard they are working, as the primary focus, rather than worrying about any perception that others have a greater God-given talent. We praise for effort at Caldicott and we set our sights high with a ‘can do’ attitude.

The rain has been falling continuously this week and all the boys and Games staff have been left wet and bedraggled at some stage, yet they all have kept smiling. Naturally, you will wonder about whether sports fixtures are on or off, so please keep an eye on emails and texts to you all. We will always endeavour to keep fixtures on and if this means switching venues then we will and all decisions will be communicated in a timely fashion, so please do not call in an effort to get an early indication of our plans.

On Monday we host the 3rd Form Future Schools Evening and I am delighted to welcome representatives from 25 of the country’s top independent senior schools. We are lucky to get them all together into one room, which is a measure of how these schools hold Caldicott in such high regard.

Have a lovely weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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