Inspirational Figures

22 January 2020


Throughout the Autumn Term, boys in all year groups have been learning about some inspirational figures that made an impact on the world. Each of these figures have great stories to tell and the boys learnt a lot about how they can impact people’s lives drawing on the inspiration from them.

After researching their given figure, the boys made displays highlighting their individual’s achievements and what they have learnt from them. Their work is now displayed in the Caldicott Courtyard to inspire others in the school’s community.

The inspirational figures were:

  • Roald Dahl - Year 3 researched his life and discovered lots about his military background. They discovered how he persevered when he was injured and when his daughter died. A fact the boys particularly liked was that he was married to an Oscar-winning actress and that he lived not too far from Caldicott in Great Missenden. The boys felt more of a connection with him after learning this.
  • Greta Thunberg – Along with researching more about Greta’s life, Year 4 also had to try to tweet like her as she uses this medium a lot to get her message across. Each group were given a negative statement about her and were then tasked with responding 'Greta style' via Twitter. It was quite a challenge, but the boys soon learned how powerful words can be.
  • Harriet Tubman – After learning about Harriet’s life as a slave and political activist, Year 5 created interviews with her and learned how incredibly brave Harriet must have been to not only escape slavery but also to help others to become free.
  • Marie Curie – Year 6 boys have learnt about how hard a female scientist had to work to be recognised amongst her peers. Curie led to the creation of the X-ray but also lived to regret how she used one of her discoveries.
  • Nick Vujicic – Boys in Year 7 were astounded to learn about a man who was born without limbs but went on to achieve more than many who are born with arms and legs. The boys found Vujicic to be incredibly inspirational.
  • Malala Yousafzai – Year 8 found learning about Malala quite intense and gained an understanding how she faced such adversity at such a similar age to the senior boys at Caldicott. Malala refused to be silenced and has gone on to provide education to thousands of girls worldwide - whilst still educating herself.

The boys took what they learnt and have created displays to show inspire others in the school about the works of these six figures. Parents will be able to see their displays in the Courtyard.


Boys work on Inspirational Figures in the Courtyard

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