Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 7 December 2019

07 December 2019


The Friends of Caldicott's Christmas party was on Thursday night and I was delighted to be there with so many of you and plenty staff too. Choosing to go into London offered a good number of parents a considerably shorter journey home than 90% of the events that the school as a whole delivers, so we were happy to ‘mix it up’. I am very grateful to Anne Banfield, the Friends’ Committee and one or two helpers for all the hard work they put into this event. ‘The In and Out’ was a fantastic venue and a good time was had by all.

Our first Christmas lunch was on Thursday for our Day Boys and inevitably the excitement was palpable. I was told that one or two were not too keen on the flavour of turkey, but give them a cracker and they gobbled it down!

Today was our Carol Service. This event is only one of two events when the whole school comes together and it plays an important role in supporting our Christian ethos. Mr Paget, Chapel Master, and Mr Wild, Director of Music, organised a wonderful event for us all to enjoy and I was delighted to see you all there.

Next week will fly by, but rather than whet you and your sons’ appetites, I will focus on the basics: The end of term for Day Boys is between 1215 and 1245 on Tuesday, with buses departing at 1245. On Wednesday morning at 1000 term ends for Boarders and parents will need to collect their sons.

Have a lovely weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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