Old Caldicotion lands leading role in Stowe School’s production of The Crucible

09 January 2020


In November Marlow Turner (OC 2010 - 2016) took on the role of Rev John Hale in Stowe's incredible production of Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

Hale is the compassionate and logical minister who comes to Salem to investigate claims of witchcraft after young Betty Parris is struck with a mysterious illness.

The production, directed by Stowe's Director of Drama, Rebecca Clark, was a huge success. Not only was it powerful, passionate and professional, the whole performance was also slick and authentic. A huge congratulations to everyone involved.

OC has role in Stowe School's The Crucible

Senior Master, Jo Duncan, asked Marlow about The Crucible and his experience of drama both at Caldicott and at Stowe.


What do you remember about drama at Caldicott?

Drama was a very lively and sociable activity. It allowed pupils of all ages and backgrounds to work together and forge experiences and friendships with one another that lasted for the remainder of their time at Caldicott. The productions themselves were of a very high standard. I remember watching the school production of Bugsy Malone, and the cast seemed to have an absolute blast! This enjoyment was had by all both during rehearsals and performances of such brilliant theatre. 


What was the audition process like for a main school production at Stowe and what productions have you been in during your time there?

The rehearsal process at Stowe is quite a tough one. Our director of drama, Miss Clark, gives everyone who wishes to audition a small scene to rehearse, either with a partner or alone. You then must perform this scene, giving it your all, in order for you to be cast in a substantial role. You might be cast immediately, you might be called back and then casted following your second audition, or you might not make it. But Miss Clark ensures that she manages to include as many people as possible during the rehearsal process.


What other productions have you been in at Stowe?

During my time at Stowe, I have been in four productions. When I was in Year 9 I was in Rabbit which tells the story of children trying to come to terms with their lives, while living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In Year 10 I was in 1984 which was set in a dystopian future, where everyone’s thoughts and actions are constantly surveyed and controlled. Year 11 saw me play the part of Reverend Sam in Face - the story of a popular teenager, who has to come to terms with his new life after suffering severe facial burns as a result of a car crash. And in Year 12 I have been in The Crucible the story of the Salem Witch trials of 1692, where everyone was being accused of witchcraft. This play also serves as an allegory to McCarthyism in 1950’s America, during the red scare, when everyone was being accused of being a communist.


How would you describe Stowe’s production of The Crucible?

Stowe’s production of The Crucible was one that really added to the essence of the play. Our director, Miss Clark, was inspired by a children’s playground for the set, with a roundabout and swings included in the first two acts. The production was seated in the round, allowing for a full audience observation at all times. What was really interesting, was that during Act four, a steady stream of balcony confetti was constantly falling from the ceiling. This alluded to the constant reminder of the dark undertones of the play which made it really dramatic and powerful.


What advice would you give to current Caldicotians who were considering auditioning for productions at their senior schools?

The advice that I would give would be to get stuck in. Get fully involved in the rehearsal, so you get the part you want. Get stuck in with the rehearsal process and everything around it, as then you will make the most out of your time as an actor. Just don’t be afraid to show yourself in the best light, as it will make the whole process so much more enjoyable.

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