OC Adam Chambers awarded his Drama Tie at Harrow School

08 January 2020


In December Old Caldicotian, Adam Chambers (2013 – 2016) played the role of Jacob Marley in the Harrow School Rendall House play A Christmas Carol.

Caldicott was delighted to hear that he was awarded the Harrow Drama Tie for his performance. Adam was a regular performer in productions at his time at Caldicott and the school is thrilled that he is continuing to tread the boards at his senior school.

Old Caldicotian receives his Harrow Tie for Drama

Photograph courtesy of Harrow School and photographer William Cooper


Senior Master, Jo Duncan, caught up with Adam recently to ask about drama at Harrow and his time at Caldicott.

What do you remember about drama at Caldicott?
I always really enjoyed drama at Caldicott and tried my best to get involved in all the productions that I could. In the last two years I was there, I was in both the senior school plays, Guys and Dolls and Beowulf. They were fantastic productions but I particularly enjoyed Beowulf as it was a complex and challenging play and so different from anything I had done before.

I also took part in LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Drama Art) exams for two years which really helped build my confidence and inspired to me to go for the bigger roles thereafter. Ma’am Duncan and Mr Evans did everything they could to make sure all the productions were of a high standard and there was always a great atmosphere both on and off stage.


What was the audition process like for a main school production at Harrow and what productions have you been in during your time there?
The auditions for A Christmas Carol were open to everyone from all years, although it is mainly the older boys who tend to get involved. Those of us who wanted to audition had to sign up a week before and were given a monologue from one of the main characters to prepare. There was just one round of auditions and although I found it nerve-racking, it went well and luckily I was offered the part of Jacob Marley.

As well as A Christmas Carol, I have also been involved in The Harrow Fringe Festival, which is a group of short plays directed and produced by the senior boys and performed all over the Hill - both indoors and outdoors. It was very different from anything else I had done before because, like any fringe festival, the acting was usually done in the same space as the audience and so was a very intimate experience for both the audience and the actors.


How intense was the rehearsal process for A Christmas Carol?
The rehearsal process took about eight weeks and became more intense the closer we got to the show dates. It was fairly tough trying to do schoolwork and prep around all the rehearsals and because I was a playing the part of a dead man it took a long time to get dressed and made up in the final few dress rehearsals. Although it was hard at times overall, I really enjoyed it and the final performances went so well it was all worth it!


What did you enjoy most about playing Jacob Marley and was there anything you found challenging about the role?
Jacob Marley is a very serious and melancholy character and for most of the time it was only me and one other character, Scrooge, on stage, so it was really important to capture the audience’s attention and keep it for a long period of time. But the make-up, costume and atmospheric staging were done so well and I really enjoyed the intensity of the role. It was also a great pleasure to perform on stage in a real theatre.


What advice would you give to current Caldicotians who were considering auditioning for productions at their senior schools?
I think whether you are interested in a big role or a support role you should just go for the audition and do your best. Whilst it can seem daunting, it's great experience and being involved in senior school productions in any capacity is rewarding and really fun. There’s a great camaraderie and you can learn so much from being involved. Of course, there are always loads of jobs backstage too, so even if you don’t want to act you can still get involved in putting on a great production.

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