Caldicott Announces Head Boys for 2019/2010

28 November 2019


Caldicott is delighted to announce that George T and Archie W have been appointed as joint Head Boy for this academic year.

Earlier in the term, five prefects were selected and all five have been doing an excellent job, but Archie and George really stood out. With an appealing blend of maturity, gravitas and a ‘can do’ attitude, it became clear that they should both share the role.

‘Since the announcement in a recent whole school assembly, we have seen both boys rise to the challenge and we wish them well for the year ahead. Creating the opportunity for all boys to explore their leadership potential is important to us, so whether it is through one of our many committees or a high-profile role such as Head Boy or Prefect the skills of effective leadership can be acquired.’ - Headmaster, Jeremy Banks.


Head Boys at Caldicott for 2019/2020

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