Explosions of Creativity for Year 6

22 November 2019


As part of the Year 6 Geography topic on volcanoes, the boys completed a creative project where they had to create a volcano that would erupt.

For their models, the boys needed to research different types of volcanoes and how they worked. Then using a variety of different techniques, surrounding a bottle of CocaCola, their volcanoes started to take shape. They needed to make sure that when the volcanoes erupted, the magma (Coke and Mentos) would accurately represent a volcanic eruption.

On Friday morning, the school gathered to watch each volcano erupt. With screams and shouts, the boys impressed all those watching during break time.

For the boys, creating a volcano was great fun and also a fantastic way to learn how they work and what happens before they erupt and after.


Year 6 exploding volcanoes

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