Caldicott Year 3 Learn about the Battle of Britain

13 November 2019


1st Form boys have been studying the beginning of World War Two in their History lessons this term and more recently the Battle of Britain. To further their understanding, the boys visited the formally top-secret Battle of Britain Bunker in Hillingdon on Wednesday 13 November.

The bunker housed RAF Fighter Command's No.11 Group Operations Room throughout WW2 and was the room from which most of the RAF's side of the Battle of Britain was co-ordinated. Key decisions that would decide the fate of the nation were taken in the bunker throughout 1940, and it was thanks to the tireless work of the plotters and controllers that the RAF's fighter pilots managed to keep the Luftwaffe at bay. Winston Churchill himself visited on 15 September 1940.

The boys learnt about how this was achieved and were able to see up close some original artefacts, including using an old dial telephone and a very early headset designed for the WAAF operators.  During their visit, they produced a poster about the artefacts and went on a tour of the Visitor Centre. During the tour, they met a 94-year-old survivor of the Blitz (he was 15 at the time). The boys asked him questions about the Battle of Britain, his experiences of the London Blitz, and whether he was an evacuee.

The boys had a great time seeing up close items used during WW2 and experiencing what it must have been like for workers at the bunker during the war. The trip was a great way to bring their classroom learning to life and the boys really appreciated the opportunity to delve more into the history of the Battle of Britain.


Caldicott Year 3 Learn about the Battle of Britain

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