A Very Victorian Schoolroom

07 November 2019


As part of their History lessons, Year 5 took part in a Victorian schoolroom experience at Reading Museum in early November.

Eager to learn, the boys started their morning by getting into their Victorian school uniform and seamlessly going back in time to the year 1885. The boys soon found out that things would be a little different from their usual lessons at Caldicott. They soon got to grips with first writing with a slate board and pen then progressing to a dip pen; though the blotting paper was a little tricky.

Some boys struggled a little with the strict rules and times table knowledge – one boy had to have the cane (no canes were used in the Victorian School Room experience) and another had to stand in the corner wearing the Dunce’s hat.

After their experience, the boys took part in a workshop looking at the different jobs a child may have had in Victorian Britain. To get into the spirit and understand for themselves what it may have felt like, some boys dressed up as chimneysweeps and others as housemaids. It didn’t take too long for the boys to figure out that they are rather lucky – who knew that children were expected to wash other peoples’ bloomers or empty bedpans?

The day out proved very successful for the Year Group and it was a wonderful way to consolidate the boy’s understanding of their topic of Victorian Britain this term.


Caldicott Year 5 at the Victorian Schoolroom experience at Reading Museum

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