A Roman Adventure for the 2nd Form

17 May 2019


This week, the 2nd Form visited the museum of an ancient Roman settlement near St Alban’s. To get there, the boys travelled along the ancient road of Watling Street, which is a fine example of Roman engineering that leads straight to the ancient city of Verulamium. Verulamium was the third largest city in Roman Britain and you can still see many of the remains today.

During their trip, which coincides with their lessons on Roman Britain, the boys visited the hypocaust (Roman underfloor heating), which is still partially covered by a mosaic floor and dates back 1800 years. Their next stop was to see the remains of the original city walls where the boys imagined what it must have looked like as a newly built defensive structure with soldiers on patrol.

After a picnic in the park, the boys visited the museum to participate in a workshop about Roman artefacts. Working in groups, they each handled four objects that the Romans would have used on a daily basis. The frying pan with a folding handle, the early mirrors and the first Roman toilet brush fascinated them!

The boys also had the opportunity to explore the museum where they saw interactive galleries, intricate mosaics, Roman coins, early board games and a genuine Roman skeleton – which was definitely a highlight of the day!


2nd Form Visit Verulamium in St Alban's

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