4th Form Defend Warwick Castle

17 May 2019


This week, the 4th Form visited Warwick Castle as part of their studies of castles and Medieval life. The trip was a fantastic way for the boys to really get to grips with the nature of power and warfare during the medieval period and will help with their continued studies of the period this term.

The boys learnt a great deal about life at Warwick Castle and their many tricks and surprises to defend themselves during attacks. The boys were also able to see the different types of weaponry the castle would have used during times of war and had the opportunity to get involved in some interactive workshops.

Below Charlie N enthusiastically gives his reaction to the trip.

Today was amazing! The castle was so interesting with many claustrophobic areas such as the gaol.

We started the day with a tour of all the important rooms and learnt about the kingmaker - Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick – and the War of the Roses. It was really interesting. After the tour, we listened to a half hour talk on how to attack and defend a castle and took part in an amazing interactive story. There were a lot of brutal methods of attacking Warwick Castle, especially considering it was built cleverly and attacking it was very difficult.

After refilling at lunch, we went to my favourite part of the day: the birds of prey show. There was a Bald Eagle, A Peregrine Falcon (fastest bird reaching up to 200 mph on diving) and many other amazing birds. Sadly, it had to come to an end.

Towards the end of the trip, we had the opportunity to go in the Horrible Histories Maze for 15 minutes. This was really fun to explore. Following that, we visited the Gaol; a horrible, smelly place with a hole that really bad people would have to crouch in (you could not sit down or stand up) - it really must have been horrible. For the last part of the day, we had a talk on how a trebuchet would work - very horrible and scary and saw a long bowman shoot.

This was a fantastic trip to go on and it really brought to life what we have been learning in class.


Caldicott Year 6 visit Warwick Castle

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