Caldicott Pupils Against Plastics

03 May 2019


Taking inspiration from initiatives across the world, boys at Caldicott have been developing a campaign to help combat the global crisis of plastics pollution. Boys from all orms have been working together to increase awareness and generate a desire for change.

1st - 3rd Form boys have been exploring the anguish faced by many animals as they struggle to find food and battle against the increasingly hostile environments they call home. Meanwhile, the 4th and 6th Form have been building a campaign to deliver to the local MP, Dominic Grieve. The 4th Form have been focusing on what can be done locally, at home and at school, whereas the 6th Form are aiming to tackle the global problem through changing government laws and initiatives.

Across the school, boys quickly developed an emotional connection to this developing crisis and many fantastic approaches, angles and ideas have already been suggested. Some key ideas involve: understanding the danger of doing nothing, improving the current situation, preventing the situation from getting worse, developing laws and commercial practices and protecting animals within these habitats.

The 1st Form recently experimented with attempting to retrieve food out of water using only their beaks! (Kitchen Tongs). The incredible levels of enthusiasm shown by the boys inspired the need to continue the activity into break time, where boys from all years crowded to try their hand at fishing through the plastic for food. Our boys continue to provide inspiration for us all.

Mr Hitchman


Waste Week at Caldicott

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