IAPS Boys Individual Judo Tournament 2019

12 March 2019


Returning for the 3rd year to the annual IAPS Judo tournament, five Caldicott boys attended with the bit between their teeth. With over 100 boys from 29 different independent schools; the boys were in for a fantastic day of competing.

The boys were split into two age bands (10/11 years and 12/13 years) and then into their weight categories. In the 10/11 years section, we had: Charlie V (U34k), Stanley N (U38k) and Ben S (U46K). In the 12/13 years section: Nikolai S (U50K) and Hunter DJ. Both competed in the competition last year.

Charlie was a bit nervous in his first contest and was thrown quite early on losing his first bout. It seemed to wake him up a bit and he went on to win his next contest with an excellent counter technique (throwing opponent backwards as they attempt to throw you forwards). This set up a bronze medal contest for Charlie. In a close encounter, Charlie was eventually thrown and unfortunately just lost out on the medal.

Stanley started extremely well and threw his opponent with a neat hip throw for what we thought was a winning technique. Unfortunately, the referee did not deem it a winning throw and the contest continued. After this, Stanley appeared to lose his balance and fall backwards while attempting a throw, the referee awarded the contest to his opponent. Stanley needed to win his next contest to remain in the competition. Again, he started well with another excellent hip throw, but in the next exchange Stanley was caught with a well-timed hip throw and was eliminated.

Ben was next up with his first contest, unknowingly at the time, against the eventual winner of the event, a very strong boy with very aggressive judo. After this loss, Ben remained positive despite his obvious disappointment. In Ben’s following contest, he showed a great fighting spirit but was eventually thrown by the boy who went on to win the bronze medal.

Nikolai showed his experience from last year with strong performances. He fought with great heart and great fighting spirit; even in defeat, he remained positive. Nikolai won a bronze medal which was a just reward for a solid year of training and a positive attitude.

Hunter, competing in his third year, was every inch the schools champion. He showed his dominance with strong and clever performances. His throwing ability was the result of two years of consistent training and he made extremely short work of his four opponents. He won his second IAPS schools title in devastating and fine style.

Well done to all the boys that competed!

Report by Head Coach, Basil Dawkins


Caldicott boy sat the IAPS Judo Competition 2019

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