Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 9 June 2018

09 June 2018

Do you remember the feeling of opening an exam paper and finding that perfectly phrased question? With our 6th Form in mind, for me it was a History CE question that enabled me to write reams on the Battle of Bosworth! On the flipside, there are times when the right question does not come up and it feels awful. The boys will have experienced highs and lows this week and my message to them all in Chapel on Friday was to nudge them towards feeling comfortable, no matter what the challenge. As teachers, we are far more interested in their academic journey than an internal exam performance that may, or may not, have gone to plan. For that matter, the journey should always be more important than the final goal, no matter what.

At this time of year, we also begin to focus on some goodbyes. Our 6th Form are about to start a brilliant leavers programme thanks to all those concerned. We also say goodbye to some staff. In addition to previous announcements, today I would like to thank Jenny Symon for her years of service as Head of Learning Support. In her time the nature of her work has changed almost beyond recognition and many Caldicott boys are grateful to her for her care, attention and approach to helping boys realise their potential. We wish Jenny well in her retirement.

Corinne Brown will join us as Head of Learning Support from September. Ma'am Brown is currently Learning Support Manager at Beaconsfield High School and she will bring a wealth of knowledge to this important provision and is looking forward to joining us. For those of you whose sons participate in this provision, transition meetings will be organised early in her time here.

It's less than four weeks to the end of term. It will be busy and, in all likelihood, there will be more emails arriving in your inbox than normal. Apologies for this, but do please read them. Enjoy the weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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