Headmaster's Blog | Saturday 12 May 2018

14 May 2018


So why do we do what we do? Carving out time in a busy school to think about this question is tough, but as each day passes I’m finding the answer is becoming clearer. If the answer to that question is to merely get the boys into their next school, that would not sit comfortably with me. Our purpose is so much more; it is value based and although there’s plenty of consultation with the staffroom still to go, I sense that aspiration, respect, service, compassion and integrity are key values we will hold dear. Our goals are complex, but if a boy is to lead a life of significance we want him to ‘dream big’. 

But what might that include? In the classroom, are we achieving truly outstanding teaching? Is the curriculum we follow preparing boys for exams and life beyond? How do we nurture intellectual characteristics such as collaboration, empathy and originality? And so it goes on. Outside the classroom, is there a richness to the opportunities, whilst offering excellence for those with God given talents? Are we inclusive and diverse too?

These are exciting times at Caldicott.

At Stoke Park this week we had a wonderful FoC event when a group of mums played tennis and enjoyed a meal together afterwards. It was lovely to join them for a short while. Up next is the FoC golf event at the same venue – I can’t wait, but I am seriously rusty!

Last week I commented on a lovely summer’s evening when we had boys playing happily. This week, I offer a further reason why the educational opportunity provided by Caldicott is up there with the best. As I bash this blog out on my computer, I can hear the cheerful chatter of boys on their way to supper with one boy tunefully giving a resounding rendition of a song from ‘Frozen’!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Jeremy Banks

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