A Roman Visitor

10 May 2018


As part of their History lessons, the 2nd Form had a visit from a Roman Soldier recently, who spoke to them about living in Ancient Rome.

Quintus Publius Falco, a Roman Governor of Britain in the 2nd Century, spoke to the boys about his way of life, which Roman emperor he lived and served under, and explained what things we owe to the influence of the Roman Empire.  Things such as roads, plumbing, the calendar and currency.

The boys also had some insightful questions to ask him:

  • Were the public toilets cold to sit on?
  • Was there often a cue for the toilets?
  • How did it feel to sit in a room with so many others using the toilet (there was a lot of interest in the toilets!)
  • How did the smells of the streets change with the introduction of street cleaners?
  • Did nettles clothes itch?
  • Were there fiction and non-fiction books in the libraries?
  • What was the first road called?
  • What was life like before police and firemen?
  • Was there a god of libraries?
  • Where did the missing two months of the calendar go?

After the Q&A session, Quintus said “vale” and went back to his time.

The boys had all their questions answered and really delved a little further into the ancient world.


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