Football for Ace Africa

09 February 2018


To raise money for AceAfrica, Caldicott held a Football Tournament on Tuesday 6 February. Boys in the 4th to 6th Form played in a highly competitive but very enjoyable set of matches. A “keepy-uppy” tournament was also held alongside the main game.

By being sponsored to play, the boys have managed to raise an impressive £2716.10 so far for Ace Africa, a charity which aims to empower children and their communities to achieve sustainable, fulfilling and independent lives.

Special mentions goes to Jack N and Hunter DJ (5th Form) for organising a bake sale and to Hari K (2nd Form) for being the first person to donate.

There was also an evening match between fathers and staff which provided some of the highlights of the event, with a few teachers seen hobbling around school the following day. 

The winners:

  • 4th Form team - 'Korogwe' (Will D, Archie S, Albert S, Jamie K, Lucas SA and Angus L)
  • 4th Form Keepy-Uppy  - Lucas F (20)
  • Senior team - 'Lindi' (Alex UG, Barimah A, George B, Leon M, Rory B, Finn M. Toby B and Harry B)
  • Seniors Keppy-Uppy - August C (122)
  • Fathers and Staff - 'SIMBA' (Mr Di Maso, Mr Baker, Rob Court, Phil Donnally and Jonathan Summers)


Charity Football for Ace Africa

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