In Search of Mummies

25 September 2017


Last week, 2nd Form went in search of mummies at the British Museum.  The boys have been learning about Ancient Egypt in their lessons this term and the trip was a great way for the topic to come to life.

On arrival, the boys worked in two groups taking part in two activities: an interactive workshop and a visit to the Egyptian galleries.

The workshop was very informative with the boys learning about the role of archaeologists, the processes they went through when they discovered tombs and uncovered ancient treasures, and how they meticulously catalogued their findings for future generations. During the workshop, the boys had the opportunity to handle real Egyptian artefacts and learnt what the clues were to tell the age and use of each object.

For their exploration of the Egyptian galleries, the boys were fascinated to see ancient mummies, intricately decorated papyrus and numerous other objects that they have learnt about in lessons. A highlight was seeing the mummified body of Ginger, the 5000 year old Egyptian man, who is remarkably preserved.

Several of the boys were also delighted to touch a replica of the Rosetta stone, the world famous object that helped to reveal the mysteries of the hieroglyphs that had been a secret for centuries.

Overall, the trip was a wonderful experience for the boys combining their classroom studies with seeing real-life examples.


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