Speech Day 2017

07 July 2017


The Caldicott community came together for a very enjoyable Speech Day on Wednesday 5 July.  We were delighted to celebrate another successful academic year, all the boys’ achievements and to acknowledge the work of Headmaster Simon Doggart who sadly retired this year after 19 years at Caldicott.

The day started with a Chapel Service for all the 6th Form Leavers and their parents.  Acting Head, Theroshene Naidoo, gave a fantastic speech giving advice to the boys in their next school.

After the service and Leavers’ Drinks, the school gathered in the Sports Hall for prize giving.

Chair of Governors, Malcolm Swift, started proceedings by reflecting on his time as Chair this year and the work of the Governors at Caldicott.  He went on to praise Simon Doggart for his time at the school, announced the appointment of the new Headmaster, Jeremy Banks, who will start in April 2018 and to say thanks to Theroshene Naidoo who has taken on the role of Acting Head with “courage and conviction”.

Malcolm Swift then passed onto Ma’am Naidoo for the Head’s speech.  She mentioned the exciting and busy year that the school has had, even with its many challenges there were many more highlights.  She went on to express how the balance at Caldicott between challenging the boys and encouraging them is the key to the success of the school.  She praised the boys for learning in the classroom as well outside; this has been proven through the fantastic Head Boy’s speech in Chapel recently and with the 2nd and 3rd Form production this term, amongst other notable achievements throughout the year.  She went on to talk about the development of the school throughout the summer, which in turn will help continue the provision of high quality education at Caldicott.  After giving thanks to the many elements of the Caldicott machine from the non-teaching staff, teachers to parents and Governors, Theroshene thanked Simon and Antonia Doggart for their leadership of the school over the years.

As a tribute to “The Doggarts” and their contribution to the school, Senior Master, Howard Summers, gave a lovely speech about his colleague and friend, including many anecdotes about their time at the school.  He went on to say that everyone in the school community would sadly miss “team Doggart” and in the words of Simon himself, “everything is going to be alright.” He then went on to read the Headmaster’s speech prepared by Simon.  A speech where he thanked the school community for their support over the last year, as well as praise the boys for their commitment to studying and enjoying their time at school; the many wonderful events that have been part of the school year and to parents and staff who make the school thrive. To end, he left with the words of St Paul to the Philippians, which Simon believes holds true for the Caldicott community today.

“Finally, breathren, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence,
if there is anything worthy of your praise, think about these things.”

As soon as Mr Summers had finished, there was a spontaneous standing round of applause from all in the Hall. A real appreciation of a well-loved Headmaster.

During prize giving, as well as awards and prizes being presented, there were a number of short films showing the Caldicott Leavers, the Doggart Years and a showcase of all the wonderful things the boys have been a part of this year.  These films can be viewed on our website.

Speech Day was a lovely occasion, and a fitting way to celebrate everything the boys have achieved this year, being thankful for the fantastic leadership of Simon Doggart over 19 years, but also looking ahead and appreciating all that is to come.

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